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Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #10

I was born in August 1948 in New York. I have an undergraduate degree in history from the private Yeshiva University in New York, a master’s and a Ph.D in the alleged Holocaust studies from Hebrew University.

Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #9

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Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #8

I was born in November 1953 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. My father was a rabbi and a Talmud scholar. My mother is an Israeli citizen and was the first flight attendant for the airline El Al. My grandfather was also a rabbi.

Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #7

I was born Richard Falco in June of 1953 in Brooklyn, New York to Betty Broder and a married man named Joseph Kleiman.  My mother gave me up for adoption shortly after my birth. It was from these parents that I have my surname.

It’s been reported that I had a somewhat troubled childhood and was involved in petty larceny and pyromania. I enlisted in the US Army in 1971 and was stationed in South Korea and the United States.

Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #5

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