Right to Have Guns Fundamental

Right to Have Guns Fundamental - Charles Fockaert

Thursday, July 6, 1989
Times Standard
Eureka, California


The gun controllers are on the war path and Americans are being ambushed.

James Madison, in Federalist Paper No. 46, very clearly indicates that the need for the people to protect themselves from the “federal government” that has “accumulated a military force for the projects of ambition.” The main reason the states have a militia is to protect themselves from the national or federal government and its standing army, not to protect itself from foreign invaders as is commonly believed.

Caucasian - Israelites

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Visit Europe and Several Non-White Third World Cultures on the Same Vacation

Dr. Hugh Ross' Race Mixing Agenda

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Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up

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Wow! The music, the archtitecture, the performers, the audience,
the overall beauty of Celtic Women,
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