Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #5

Spoiler Alert: clicking on the hyperlinks might reveal the person described. Links are, however, provided for factual background.

I was born in Galveston, TX in 1954, the youngest of three siblings. My parents were devoted to the cause of Israel  and they impressed upon me love for our country, Israel.  At an early age, I was influenced by the alleged holocaust propaganda and when I was about to make my Bar Mitzva I asked my parents to visit the alleged death camps.

In 1976, I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in political science.  I applied for an intelligence service job at the CIA, but was turned down because of admitted prolific drug use between 1974 and 1978. I was hired by the Navy in   1979 as an intelligence specialist working on Soviet issues at the Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center. Two months after I was hired, the technical director of the Center, Richard Haver, requested that I be terminated. Instead, I was transferred to the US Navy’s human intelligence operations, where I met Aviem Sella, a combat veteran of the Israeli Air Force.

Beginning in 1984, I started passing classified information to Sella and received $10,000 in cash and expensive jewelry which I used to propose to my wife Anne. In the coming years I was to receive tens of thousands of dollars in cash and had other expenses paid for by the Israeli government.

It is alleged that I also  passed classified information to South Africa, Pakistan and China.  I passed so many documents on to Israel that my handlers had to install two high-speed copiers to copy all the information I brought them. By my own admission I gave the Israeli government enough top secret information to occupy a space 6 feet by six feet by 10 feet.  One of the documents I provided the Israelis was the Raisin Manual, a document that described all of the communications capabilities of the ME and how the NSA could attack them. Spike Bowman, Former Deputy of National Counterintelligence Executive, considers me one of the four worst espionage agents in US history.

In a plea agreement, I was sentenced to life in prison on one count of conspiracy to deliver national defense information to a foreign government. Many unsuccessful attempts have been made to have me released.  I will not ask for parole because I want clemency so once free I can go live in Israel.

At 60 years old, I was released from prison on November 21, 2015. I am attempting to receive clemecy from the US president so I can return to Israel.

Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I?