Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I? #7

I was born Richard Falco in June of 1953 in Brooklyn, New York to Betty Broder and a married man named Joseph Kleiman.  My mother gave me up for adoption shortly after my birth. It was from these parents that I have my surname.

It’s been reported that I had a somewhat troubled childhood and was involved in petty larceny and pyromania. I enlisted in the US Army in 1971 and was stationed in South Korea and the United States.

In the 1970s I flirted with Christianity and later in life, while I was incarcerated for my crimes, when I was living in a cold and lonely prison cell, that God got a hold of my life. Jesus Christ has allowed me to start an outreach ministry right here in the prison where I am now. But long before this, I was fascinated with witchcraft, Satanism and the occult. When I was growing up, I watched countless horror and satanic movies, including Rosemary’s Baby, which totally captivated my mind.

Although the laws were later declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court,  the State of New York and other states enacted laws authorizing the state to seize all monies earned from the sale of any deals publishers made with criminals intending to use the seized money as funds for victim’s families.  

I was known, among other names, as the .44 Caliber Killer. At one time as many as 300 New York police officers were involved in a massive manhunt in an attempt to capture me. During my crime spree, I was highly publicized in the press, terrorized New York City and gained worldwide notoriety. I was arrested in August 1977 and indicted for eight shooting incidents. I confessed to all of those killings and claimed that a neighbor’s dog had commanded me to kill.

I am currently serving six life sentences for murder. I believe that I deserve to be in prison for the rest of my life. Because of my conversion to Christianity, I now want to be known as the “Son of Hope.”


Which of the "Chosen Ones" Am I?


#7 Answer