Trump, Hilter and "I don't care."

Trump is being compared to Hitler.

“You’re increasingly being compared to Hitler. Doesn’t that give you any pause at all?” ABC News' George Stephanopoulos asked the Republican poll leader on "Good Morning America," displaying an image of the Philadelphia Daily News' punning Tuesday front-page headline "The New Furor." Trump not bothered by comparisons to Hitler

"No, what I'm doing (ban Muslims from entering the United States)  is no different from FDR." Donald Trump December 8, 2015. (It should be noted FDR was a jew.

Watching Trump and the response of mostly White supporters gives us a glimpse of what it was like in Germany in the 1930s. We Whites face many of the same problems the once proud Germans did then, brought upon us by the same group of criminals running and ruining our once White great nation, (founded by Whites, I might add).

Trump has called out Israel for funding terrorism in the ME w/o naming them by name, a brilliant tactic, thus avoiding the knee-jerk antisemite canard.

Gotta love it when Trump was told he was being compared to Hitler. His reply? "I don't care."

Whites who love their country and who are sick and tired of what these criminal dual-citizens Israeli jews have done to destroy it  should have the same attitude: "I don't care if you call me an antisemite, an "evil Nazi" a racist or a bigot.

For most of their lives, Whites have been programmed by jew controlled media, Hollywood, academia and Group Think, and judeo-christian-zionist shill pastors preaching lies from the pulpit.

Facts are facts and the jews have destroyed the United States with their Federal Reserve System usury and fiat currency, debt, multiculturalism, pornography, propaganda, lies, deceit, the same way they destroyed Germany. (See "Jewish Domination of Weimar Germany" by Eckart Verlog).

We Christians need to speak our minds and lose our "fear of the jews . (John 7:13).

Solzhenitsyn, in Gulag Archipelago, writes:

In 1927, when submissiveness had not yet softened our brains to such a degree, two Chekists tried to arrest a woman on Serpukhov Square during the day. She grabbed hold of the stanchion of the streetlamp, refusing to submit. A crowd gathered .... (Passers-by didn't just all close their eyes and hurry by!) The quick young men immediately became flustered. They can't work in the public eye. They got into their car and fled." .... Instead not one sound comes from your parched lips and the passing crowd naively believes that you and your executioners are friends out for a stroll.

I myself often had the chance to cry out. (Page 15, 16)

You, yes YOU,  still have a chance to have an "I don't care" attitude and cry out, against the jew and what they are doing to the United States and Europe.

Use your chance, before it is too late and you regret you did not take the opportunity to speak up and end-up dead just like 65 million Russians did.