My 1980s "Letters to the Editor"

Since at least the early 1980s, I've been sounding the warning to others as much as possible about the government attack against our Yahweh given unalienable rights. Very few were interested in the warnings I - and many others - were ussuing. Most Americans care more about making money than any thing else. They ignore the fact that, without liberty, what good is wealth?

Fast forward 30 years and most of our God given rights, once protected by the Bill of Rights, have all but disappeared. Once our right to own weapons to defend ourselves is completely destroyed, we, as a free people, will be completely enslaved.

My letter to the Editor May 1983
Christianity is Crucial

My letter to the Editor August 1988 
We Hold These Truths

My letter to the Editor April 1989
Constitutional Questions

My letter to the Editor, July 6, 1989
Right to Have Guns Fundamental