There is Only One Solution

2 Chronicles 7:14

Elections are not going to solve our problems,
neither are the newly elected.

The only possibly accurate prognosis by a qualified and trustworthy
patriot-turned-reluctant-physician to our survival situation
is this: our disease has progressed to the terminal stage, 
the stage politicians cannot operate to save the patient's life.

The patient themselves are going to have to have to take  matters back into their own hands.
If the patient is to survive, it needs to seek traditional health care methods that work.
Taking responsibility for their current condition is their duty to themselves, if they have the will to remain a free individual and live in a free Society.

We also have an obligation to our descendants if we believe it is us who is referred to in the  “If my people,” component of the solution. We have the obligation to take responsibility and the appropriate and corresponding action needed to elicit Divine healing in our land and for our people.

We,  “My People,” can start the process.   

There is only one solution,
2 Chronicles 7:14

involving nine components.
1)If my people,
2)which are called by my name,
3)shall humble themselves,
4)and pray,
5)and seek my face,
6)and turn from their wicked ways;
7)then will I hear from heaven,
8)and will forgive their sin,
9)and will heal their land.