Reset to Reality

I gave a seminar May 15 at the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane May 15.
Basically, I said we are experiencing the beginnings of a Reset to Reality.
And what we should do now to prepare.

Mainly, because of Television and Hollywood, most Americans live in an illusionary world. a non-Reality, (untruthful) world of Jewish fables. (Titus 1:14) Some prominent examples: Jesus was a jew, the Israelis are the jews of the Old Testament, God's Chosen, the holocaust happened and six million jews were gassed; Hitler was an evil Nazi; the 9/11 and 19 Arabs myth; even the very ground they stand on is a fabrication. We are not spinning around at 800- 1000 mph on a globe, circling a sun 93 million miles away.

Most Americans view of the world around them is nothing more than illusion.

In many ways, we truly do live in a Truman Show world.

Even our money is fake. It's not money. It’s a medium of exchange, yes; a currency, yes; a Federal Reserve Note, yes, a promise to pay, yes.

Money? No.

The bond market is the hinge pin of the entire jew usury based fiat "money" system. Bill Gross has made billions in the bond market. He manages over a billion dollars in funds invested for others.

The bond market is the the hub of the wheel of the entire usury based monetary system. Well, the bearings are smoking. The entire wagon is about to come to a screeching halt. And the bankers can’t do anything about the ongoing collapse of their fiat debt based monetary system.

What is Gross's opinion of the bond market right now?

"The System Itself Is At Risk" Bill Gross Warns, Shorts Credit As "Day Of Reckoning Is Coming"

In other words, a Reset to Reality.

Near the end of the article, Gross says "we need another Volker." I was studying economics and using my knowledge to support myself and my growing family in the 1970s. I remember prices were escalating rapidly in the late 1970s. Consequently, I would buy what I needed as soon as I got Federal Reserve Notes in my hand. I did so because I knew I would eventually need the item and I knew I would pay more in the future for that item, so I had good economic reason to buy now. Many others were doing the same thing. This increase in the velocity of money started causing big increases in price increases, falsely known as inflation. An increase in the money supply is inflation, price increases the consequences.

What Gross is also saying, is, inflation is in our future unless (market-distorted, artificially supressed) interest rates rise to market rates, ie., to reality. In Gross's words: "need to start raising rates to restore the right incentives for investors."

Right now, investors are putting their funds in distorted and artificially elevated markets, like the stock market, real estate, etc, creating bubbles in those markets. With a rise in interest rates, which is what Gross says is needed to restore reality, ("right incentives") funds will leave those markets and seek returns elsewhere. In markets with real value, like precious metals. Into things that will again have their proper place in a wolrd of reality.

But raising interest rates on top of a depressed world economy would quickly reset the system back to reality, which is why the central bankers can not raise interest rates.

Either way, raise interest rates or leave them at near zero, a Reset to Reality is in our (near) future.

Most people can't handle reality.

When the Reset to Reality eventually happens, many Americans won't be able to cope with their new Reality.
Truth is going to be that proverbial two by four upside the head.

Sadly, many won't survive.

Are you prepared for the Reset to Reality?